Feyo was born on 26th April 2001. While many of you might think he's a cute little angel (even the parents), it is not so.

Duvelke means Little Demon: indeed, Feyo is the cutest Antichrist ever!

Tuesday, January 08, 2002

Did you notice how often Grownups use the same words? Over these many many years it takes to become a Grownup, they should have developed a vocabularium of about, let's say, 20 000 words? That would be a lot of babys you need for that, considering I've only 10 fingers. Surprisingly enough, it seems you only need to know about 15 essential words to survive.

Take f.e. the word No. I haven't got a clue what it means, but I like the sound of it. It's short and powerful, it's loud, it repeats like a guitar riff, it's pure rock (for an antichrist mind). Mom and dad use it very often lately. They must know I like it a lot, and they tend to use it to encourage me, I guess. Some situations they use(d) it:

  • Every time I saw the glittering christmas tree, it made me weak, made me wanna grab it and hug it and pull some twinkling thingies out of it. So when I was about to touch it, mom encouraged me with some loud Feyo, NO! screaming. Interpreted by your guiding star as Way to go, Feyo!
  • Electric wiring is fascinating! Amazing the way those wires look and feel. They fit exactly in a baby hand ("Feyo, NO!") and due to their horizontal orientation, it's easy to put them in my mouth ("I said NO, Feyo!" - way to go)
  • Desk chairs are awesome! They're the perfect way to learn to stand up, especially those wheels underneath make it a much tougher stand up exercise to become one of the best Standuppers ("Nooo, Feyo, NOOO!")

I know I judge my parents to hard sometimes, but they're always there to support me and to encourage me when I'm exploring this whole new world.

Monday, January 07, 2002

The Big Bed

Often you read about how much I like The Big Bed. More often I'm trying to get into The Big Bed by crying-until-they-let-me-in. Very difficult for Grownups to judge these days if there's a real problem (like the family Teeth that is breeding, or bacterium thingies giving me a hard time, a freshly filled, warm diper or my tummy fighting to get out) or an attitude problem (if you cry long enough, Grownup tend to believe you have a real problem, because they're naive enough to believe in the innocence of an 8 month old guy *grin*).

Sadly enough, my trick doesn't work any longer. Very seldomly, I seem to get into The Big Bed nowadays. Most often this is so, when I'm awake early in weekend, and M&D hear my funny, irresistible noises. Then they pick me and release me in The Big Bed. If you didn't know yet: the place to be for a party! Here's what you can do in it:

  • Just lay down lazy between the ones that love you most, alternately looking to the left and to the right, so they can admire you one at a time.
  • Crawl all over your parents, they make a nice surface to cross. Your sleeping bag can give some problems here...
  • Let yourself cover/uncover by a sheet, feel the air it produces and enjoy the show/hide-parents experience.

Sunday, January 06, 2002

The Box

The box, my personal prison, is still in use. Actually, it's used more often than earlier since I've become more mobile. Without the box, mom and dad need their full attention to follow me wherever I go. And because Grownups are lame by nature, they prefer dropping me in the box instead for a while.

What to do when you're in the box? The best thing is not to use any of the huge amount of toys in there. Grownups put the toys in there for that purpose. So reason enough to stay away from them. Instead, always reach for the unreachable. From behind bars, stretch your arm and try to grab things from the outside (box) world. If you're lucky, you can damage objects classified as not being toys, or take dangerous objects, which add some spice to your life, or you're not close enough to anything, and then you can start complaining and crying. In the end, you can train your parents to put a basket of toys outside your box, and you can spend hours moving the content into your box.

I've succeeded in letting them put a bucket of Duplo-blocks outside my box. (It's a dirty job, but somebody got to do it:) I grab for them and pull them in the box one by one. The biggest challenge is pulling in a giant Duplo-caterpillar ("rups"). Takes some time to get it through the bars, but it works!

Besides filling the box, I enjoy just standing there behind bars, looking to mom and dad (one time, happy and smiling, on other moments, using the most sad looking face ever to pursuade them of letting me out - most of the times works fine).

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