Feyo was born on 26th April 2001. While many of you might think he's a cute little angel (even the parents), it is not so.

Duvelke means Little Demon: indeed, Feyo is the cutest Antichrist ever!

Thursday, August 30, 2001

I already mentioned it: Nerdy bought himself a webcam. What a silly old man he is! As if the internet community is waiting for this to happen. As if somebody would actually be interested in looking at him. The process of ageing really does some damage here. Tsss, tsss (shaking my head).

Few days later, I saw the real reason why he bought this cam: it's not for him, it's for me... He wants to use it to add an extra touch to my website. Pictures tell more than a thousand words, so here's my personal opinion:

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

I must say I'm very proud of my chin. Or better, of my 3 chins. There's a little one sitting on top. He's the boss, he's the leader of the other two. The second one is bigger and passes orders to the third one. This one follows the orders. The third one is huge. All Chin Force is concentrated in number three. He makes my neck invisible and makes me look like a little pear.

Also, the lines between the chins have a meaning. As seasons mark yearrings in the growth of trees, those lines mark rings in the growth of me. I've 3 chins, so 2 rings, so every 2 months a new ring and therefor a new chin will be born. I wonder how I will look within 30 years. I think it must be something like Hutt from Star Wars (some profound research was needed to found that fellow's name: I wasn't born yet at that time, remember? On the other hand, Star Wars are stories from the future made in the past, so maybe what happens in the movie still has to come. Therefor I might be Hutt myself.)

There's another odd fact about my chins: when I'm laying down, number 2 and 3 withdraw. They are hidden under the wings of the leader. They all fit in one. Instantly. I guess when I grow older, it will take more time to withdraw the chins. Mabe minutes. I don't know yet if this happens automatically or if I use some special chinwithdraw-muscle at a subconsious level for that purpose.

Remember what I told about the hand and feet thingies I started to notice? How I discovered they seem to be part of me one way or the other? There are some great functions attached to them.

Most important feature is the grabbing: I already mentioned I grabbed a sock by accident. I'll explain today how it works: most of the time my little fingers are continuously under pressure. My fists are sealed. Noting can get in between. Closed doors. The Ones Who Take Care Of Me hate it. That is to say: it's a nice sight, cute little me with mini-fists. But mini-fists don't open just because you want them to. So even if this is a meeting place for bacterium-thingies (see earlier), you have to try really hard to open little fingers. Adults' fingers are way to big to get in between my fingers and my hand (haha - see them suffer while they want to wash your hands). Anyway, I learned to grab now. You open your fingers just a little and close them very tight again. Opening them for a second might be enough to catch a prey...

Great example: you know grown-ups (what's in a word) love your smile. They think there's a relationship between the action they performed and your smile. Therefor, they repeat that action over and over. Well, imagine the Nerd making some funny noises on my tummy. I laugh out loud. Dad repeats it. I laugh. Again. Laugh... And suddenly, The Hand opens for a second and... (squeek squeek squeek - music from the Hitchcock shower scene) grabs the poor man's hair! There he is: a victim of the Absolute Powers of The Hand. I just immobilized something of 10 times my weight. Superfeyo! The prey wonders how such a little guy can have so much force in these mini-fists. They looked so innocent seconds ago! Must be how a deer feels when a lion jumps on it, seconds after it was eating from the grass and thinking how peaceful its life is.

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Just a few words today: it's late, and I really should sleep enough, especially at my age. But I'm happy to announce a little guestbook, and I hope it works fine. Feed me! Meanwhile, mom and dad suppose I'm asleep now, so I'll have to be very silent on the stairs...

Oh yeah, I didn't test it on Netscape, but who can blame a 4 months old kid for not doing so?? (yep, the day before yesterday was my birthday!) Also, the layout of the guestbook is a little disaster, but for the time being, I'm restricted to whatever Pandora is serving me. However, I promise major enhancements of the site in the future.

Sunday, August 26, 2001

Although I realize I lost some of my credibility during the past weeks when it comes to defining beauty, the most beautiful thing I ever saw in my entire life is a coffee mug. Not just any mug of course, but a very peculiar one. Dad bought himself a webcam (but that's a different story which I will cover later). I used it to show what kind of mug I mean: it's a blue one with a sheep printed on it. The sheep carries a flower in its mouth and wears 2 pairs of running shoes. The wool is orange, the horns are blue.

I looked at it and kept looking at it. It's so beautiful! Meanwhile, I'm learning a lot about life at the countryside: I captured this information for future use. Later, I will recognize a sheep instantly by the shoes it wears and the color of its hair. I also know now that sheep support the flower power ideals (the international symbol of peace is some form of mouth with some form of vegetation in it - they have pigeons in this too). It has been a good day for my education.

I also have a guestbook, so if you want to leave a message, just go ahead and click my head.

If you want to see it, click my eyes and use your eyes.

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